What is Charged by Chevrolet?

Charged by Chevrolet is a new program that aims to make EV ownership more affordable. Since most EV owners can satisfy their daily needs by plugging in at home, it is essential to make at-home charging easier for current and interested customers.

Charged by Chevrolet would cover the cost of the standard installation of a level 2 (240 Volt) charging home outlet for eligible customers who purchase or lease a new 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV or 2022 Bolt EUV.

Eligible customers that already have a level 2 charging station at home, or don’t require it, can opt to receive a $750 FLO public charging credit. FLO provides access to the largest number of public charging stations in Canada, thanks to its own FLO network and convenient roaming agreements.

From a level 2 charger, the 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV can gain up to 41 km of electric range per hour of charge. The 2022 Bolt EUV can get up to 40 km of range per hour of charge. The vast majority of EV owners do more than 80% of their charging at home.


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