The Utility of the 2019 Buick Regal TourX


The utilitarian nature of a hatchback is back in a big way. While the CUV and SUV market is shining bright and uses the advantages of a hatchback in big brawny truck-platformed vehicles to maximize utility, the wagon alternative is rooted in subtle style, power, and even elegance – peppered with a lust for life and adventure.

The 2019 Buick TourX is one such vehicle. Pairing power, storage capabilities, AWD performance and ruggedness, and classic Buick style in a package that’s all about getting out of the city, and surpassing the SUV trend. We’re enamored with the possibilities of this niche new market, and Buick is leading the charge with the Regal TourX.



The Regal TourX integrates everything drivers adore about the revitalized Buick Regal, and the functionality of a CUV. The Regal platform serves as the perfect foundation for adventure, curated to specialize in accommodating your gear, your life, and your family in a package that’s more efficient and in many ways, more functional than a traditional SUV choice.

The TourX is capable of swallowing 73.5 cubic feet worth of stuff, keeping pace with the beefy Buick Enclave, while still offering 5.8 inches of ground clearance held up by 18 inch aluminum wheels for those dusty trails or snowy conditions. The TourX also features model-exclusive body moldings, helping to deflect rocks and debris while adventuring.


Power & Capability

Power comes from a surprisingly peppy 2.0L turbo 4-cylinder engine making 250 horsepower and 295 lb/ft of torque, good enough to propel the Regal TourX to 100km/hr in an impressive 6.3 seconds. Blowing the competition, namely the VW Golf Alltrack and the Subaru Outback out of the water. The Regal TourX also is a saver at the pumps, averaging a fuel efficiency rating of 9.8L/100 km.

Standard integrated aluminum roof rails and available dealer-installed accessory cargo cross bars give the TourX the capability to handle just about any gear imaginable – from a travel carrier, to bikes, and more. An available hands-free power liftgate makes it easy to access your hatch when your hands are full as well.

The standard TourX AWD system is unique unto itself. The Intelligent AWD system features active twin-clutch technology which sends the power to the wheels with the most grip in slippery situations, assisting in cornering and acceleration during chancey weather. Five-link rear suspension helps to balance the aggressive and capable ride with a sporty and agile balanced feel to ensure Buick staple road quietness, and superior driving experience – all coupled to an 8-speed automatic transmission with Stabilitrak capability.



Buick has never been a slouch in the style department. The brand has built its name on cool and stylish exteriors, making the TourX an exciting addition to the Buick family.

Signature LED lighting, fog lamps and advanced LED headlamps with auto-leveling technology help brighten up the road, while also adding a stylish edge to the vehicle. The available panoramic moonroof inside opens your view to an expansive sky. The low-slung aesthetic of the Regal TourX’s wagon DNA is reminiscent to a car, rather than a CUV, meaning a sportier, more aggressive athletic look.



The Buick Infotainment system helps take your driving experience to the next level, seamlessly integrating with both Apple and Android technologies and more. Drivers and passengers can set up personal profiles, download in-car apps, and benefit from connected navigation and Buick’s enhanced navigation interface.

The TourX also comes equipped with available built-in 4G LTE wi-fi connectivity, allowing you to support up to 7 devices, so surfing, posting, and answering emails is never left behind. Accessory mode allows you to access the wifi feature of the TourX while the vehicle is off, saving you fuel while working remotely on the road. Couple that to the TourX’s available wireless charging station, means keeping your smartphone devices charged and at the ready, stored neatly in the slot in the centre console.



The 2019 Buick Regal TourX is a unique vehicle for the modern automobile market. With a capable adventure-centric demeanor, a rugged attitude, and a plush style all its own, the TourX is ready for anything – in a dedicatedly Buick manner. Welcome back to the revamped age of the classic hatchback – we’re hooked.

Unfortunately for us here in Canada, the TourX is not available, only the Sportback. But if fuel prices keep going up and consumers still demand for a larger vehicle, the TourX might be a good alternative for GM to bring into Canada instead of another SUV.

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