Choose a Used Car in Vancouver: Eagle Ridge GM Special Offers

How do you feel about your current vehicle? Is it meeting your needs, or do you think you’re going to need something better? Visiting Eagle Ridge GM and looking into a used car in Vancouver may very well help you to obtain the vehicle you’ve always needed and wanted, along with a number of special offers that we are confident you’ll be pleased with. That being said, let’s take a look at the current standing offers and how they will affect your GM experience overall:


GM is constantly extending and renewing its loyalty program, and this can serve to help YOU! Though these loyalty discounts are often times restricted to certain makes, models, and years, you will find that there are quite a few discounts that allow you up to $3000 off on the right GM models, and that’s not pocket change! Those who show loyalty to GM, even when buying used autos in Vancouver, will certainly be rewarded on future purchases.


For those who choose to buy used autos, Vancouver has a large selection online but if you buy online rather than in stores you will find that there are a number of different incentives. An online purchase could result in a valuable gift such as an iPod, and those who choose to participate in any GM related social networking events will have the option of entering in various drawings that could result in free oil changes or other service perks.


If you were to buy a vehicle from any other used autos Vancouver dealer, could you ensure that you would receive a decent guarantee? Even if you could, would you be sure that the guarantee would be backed up? When you buy a used car in Vancouver, or perhaps a new car, you can expect a number of different guarantees and incentives from Eagle Ridge GM. For one thing new vehicles have the standard 160,000 KM Manufacturer’s Warranty. Those who purchase a used vehicle will have at least a balance of the original manufacturer’s warranty, and this is determined on a case by case basis.

As you can clearly see there are plenty of reasons to investigate these offers further, and if you are looking for additional information why not give customer service a call at 1.888.517.5607! There are plenty of incentives to bring you over to Eagle Ridge GM, even if you are only looking for a used car in Vancouver. The thing to remember about any automobile you purchase is that you need it to last, and you need to ensure it will be there for you during both the easy times and the rough times. There are many who would say a car is a car, but in truth it is an extension of yourself, and you want it to be of quality.