Top 10 Vehicle Features & Why Drivers Can’t Live Without Them

In the world of vehicle features and options, there are a plethora of additions that are for the few and far between. However, some extra features have become staples of the car-shopping experience and are nothing short of requirements for many of today’s drivers.

From heated rear view mirrors to navigation and WiFi, these user-friendly amenities are some of the most popular options available today.

Be sure to be aware of all the available options when building your new vehicle.

Heated Seats/Steering Wheel

On those particularly frosty mornings in Canada, a heated steering wheel and seats allows everyone – regardless of their affinity for – or lack thereof – the cold weather, the opportunity to slowly ooze into their bucket seats and cruise to work in absolute comfort. Some may call it an extra, but some call it an absolute requirement.  Heated seats combined with our tips on winter driving will ensure your next winter drip is a safe and comfortable journey!


Heated Rearview Mirrors

Along the same lines as their heated interior cousins, heated rearview mirrors rival that of the invention of the rear defrost – preserving visibility in the coldest conditions, and increasing the functionality of such necessary safety requirements such as rear view mirrors.


BlueTooth Connectivity

In the Age of Information, music capability on a road trip or morning commute must not be neglected. Seamless connectivity to our content is nearly as important as a reliable car battery these days. Fiddling with adapters and cords is so 2006. Having easy access to your custom playlists will make sure your next road trip is as enjoyable as possible!


WiFi capability

Growing in popularity, WiFi connectivity in our vehicles is becoming a staple feature of not only the business exec 4-door saloons, but family transporters as well; and not just under entertainment circumstances – that last minute school report? No problem. Finish it on the ride to school.


Weather-resistant Interior Mats

A practical ally to have in your arsenal of driver-friendly add-on’s, weather resistant trays and floor mats preserve the integrity of your vehicle’s carpets and keep things looking crisp and like new. They look great, are removed and installed easily, and a number of brands are available directly from your dealership.


Roof Racks

A staple feature of many outdoor adventurers and family-outing enthusiasts, a solid roof rack complete with crossbars is a mainstay of the SUV, minivan, and even pick-up segments. Use them to fasten down anything from a mattress to a snowboard to a bicycle for quick and easy accessibility. They’re a requirement of adding a rooftop storage container to your ride, and as such, come in quite handy.



Some of us still prefer the map in the glovebox, but modern in-car navigation systems are now an essential aspect of purchasing a new vehicle. They’re easy to operate, lend themselves perfectly to exploring backroads and new destinations, and are often quicker to use than your smartphone’s mapping apps.


Remote Start

Another cold weather helper, a remote starter is a hugely desired feature of many drivers who reside in cold locales. While you sip on your coffee from the kitchen island, you can start your vehicle, crank the heat, and start the defrost without having to tiptoe through the melting ice chunk leftovers of your mudroom. Operated from a key FOB, they’re a welcome bit of cold weather respite you hold in your hand, or wear on your hip.


Tonneau Covers

For the discerning pickup truck driver, tonneau covers are fantastic ways to turn the most functional aspect of your truck into a lockable trunk, effectively quadrupling the storage space available in anything else on the road. Much more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing than old school truck-caps of olde, tonneau covers are weather-proof, match the colour of your truck, and can be easily lifted to access the bed of your truck in a snap. Protect your work gear, or your groceries without having to sacrifice valuable interior space has never been easier.


Panoramic Roof

A convertible without the breeze. Panoramic moonroofs are becoming a sought after option for many drivers these days because of the fresh perspective they give passengers while cruising down the road. Constructed from tough tempered glass, they essentially extend and enlarge the viewable space skyward to reveal the stars, or the sunlight. They’re invaluable at opening up dark spaces in SUV’s with tinted windows and in stuffy 4-door sedans, giving them some height, and some freshness.