Tips for Test Driving a Vehicle

Tips for test driving a car

Recent surveys show that an increasing number of people are purchasing new and used vehicles without ever having driven them. In a world of online buying, automotive sales have drastically changed. Since buying a car is such a big investment, it is still very important to test drive your new car, truck or SUV before driving it home. Aside from being a fun experience, test drives allow you to get a feel for the vehicle and help you make sure it is the perfect one for you. There is also a lot more to a test drive than driving the vehicle. Here are some things to keep in mind before you sign on the dotted line!

1. Call Ahead:
Calling ahead to make an appointment is a great way to show the dealer that you are serious and not there to waste their time. It also means that a qualified sales person will be available and ready for you with the vehicle you are interested in seeing.

2. Prepare some questions:
Bring some questions to the dealership. They don’t have to be detailed, but writing something down beforehand might be helpful. Inquire about things you are most interested in (like safety features, cargo capacity, fuel mileage, engine size etc).

3. Do an exterior walkaround:
Once you arrive at the dealership and see the vehicle, do a quick walkaround. Listen to your gut and make sure you like the look of the vehicle (especially if this is your first time seeing it in person). If the vehicle is pre-owned, do a quick check for any damage or unnecessary wear.

4. Do an interior inspection:
Once inside the car, are you able to find a comfortable seating position? Are all of the necessary controls within reach? Can you safely and comfortably see out of the front and rear of the vehicle? Does it have enough cupholders, storage bins, power outlets, etc?

5. Take it out for a test drive:
At this point, you can take it out for a drive. Make sure to plan a route that mirrors the conditions that you most often drive (as opposed to the route that the sales person wants to take). Make sure to be aggressive with the vehicle to see what it is capable of (but not reckless!)

6. Take it out for another test drive:
A second test drive can be very helpful. The first time out can be overwhelming in a new vehicle. On test drive number two you might be more relaxed and will be able to get a better feel for the vehicle and how it performs. If you are comfortable, ask the sales person to let you take the car out on your own. It is less stressful when a sales person is not sitting in the backseat.

7. Park the vehicle:
One thing many people forget to do is park the vehicle during a test drive. Parking is something every driver has to do, whether it is on a crowded downtown street, shopping mall or your own garage. As such, you want a vehicle that you can easily park and not have to fret every time you go for groceries. So make sure it is something you can easily and comfortably do.

8. Have fun:
The entire experience of test driving a vehicle should be fun and exciting. If you find it to be stressful or not enjoyable, that generally means the vehicle or dealership is not right for you. When you find the perfect vehicle and the perfect place, the entire experience will be a lot of fun and you will drive away with a feeling of excitement with your new car, truck or SUV.

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