That’s Not A Buick!

A recent Buick commercial highlights the feelings of many people upon seeing the current lineup of Buick models… “that’s not a Buick!” For decades, Buick has built a reputation for vehicles that are comfortable, reliable and a step above many entry level vehicles. However, they have also gained a reputation as being transportation aimed at pleasing the senior citizen crowd and entirely unappealing to a younger generation of buyers.

Fast forward to 2014 and after some serious soul searching, Buick has emerged as a brand that is legitimately competing with the likes of BMW and Mercedes. What?! Of course a GM employee would say that. However, it’s not just GM employees saying this. The automotive community and drivers in general are warming to the new Buick. A brand that still has comfortable vehicles that are reliable and a step above entry level vehicles. are now also fun to drive, loaded with technology, safe and a pleasure to look at.

Since 2008, Buick’s sales numbers have been going up. Consumer Reports recently went as far as to say that the Buick Regal is “the equal of the Mercedes-Benz C250 and just a point behind the world-beating BMW 328i.” Much of this is owed to the Buick Regal. The appeal of the Regal is that it can be configured as a comfortable, efficient and affordable family hauler or daily commuter. Or for more fun, buyers can configure a Regal GS which adds a turbo, AWD, bigger rims and a sportier driving experience and appearance.

The Regal isn’t the only model winning praise. The Globe and Mail recently wrote a review of the Buick Lacrosse saying it “exudes confidence with advanced performance and sculpted design.” Features such as Buick “QuietTuning” make the ride near silent and enjoyable at any speed. The exterior design is distinctly Buick, yet modern and sophisticated.

Younger buyers are finding an attractable option with the Verano and Encore. These Buick models are smaller, more efficient and more affordable. With an entry price of around $22,836, the Verano is manageable for those on a budget and is still loaded with safety and technology. The available turbo also adds more excitement than previous models. The Encore is a versatile and easy to maneuver crossover that comes standard with a turbo and shares a platform with the Trax. This urban machine is perfect for commuting, evenings downtown, a weekend getaway or shuttling the kids to and from school, soccer, dance and every other event.

Consumer Reports summed it up best by saying “If you still think of Buick as a brand only for octogenarians with a taste for whitewall tires and vinyl roof treatments, the Regal will change your mind in one test drive.” One look and one test drive in a 2014 Buick will make you realize how far the brand has come and how they are legitimately competing with high end luxury brands today (and often with a sticker price below their European competitors).

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