Revolution: The Mid-Engine Corvette Development Story

The Chevrolet Corvette has a long and illustrious history. From the very first C1 generation to the C7 generation, the Corvette has always been known as America's definitive sports car. But as other manufacturers developed faster sports cars - and even GM themselves made the Camaro faster - the Corvette had to evolve.

For the C8 generation starting in 2020, the Chevrolet Corvette became a mid-engined supercar but with a price tag of a sports car. It was a radical change from the front-engined Corvettes that came before it. Some have even called it blasphemy. But the results speak for themselves as the base Stingray is just as fast to 100 km/h as the C7 generation Z06... which had 155 hp more.

For more insight into the drastic change of the C8 Chevrolet Corvette, General Motors has released a two-part mini documentary outlining the Corvette development and design.

Part 1: Corvette Design

The Corvette design team shares what inspired the ground braking design of the mid-engine Corvette Stingray.

Part 2 - Corvette Engineering

Part 2 follows the Corvette engineering team's journey to build a supercar for every day use with superior ride comfort and well-balanced handling on the track.

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