OnStar With 4G LTE Wi-Fi

Some very exciting news from OnStar coming in 2015. Select models of Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles will have OnStar with 4G LTE services, making your vehicle into your own mobile Wi-Fi hotspot! GM will be the first in Canada to offer 4G Wi-Fi in vehicles. It will essentially give you high speed internet, just as if you were at home. This will allow you to utilize your smartphones, tablets and devices to check email, stream media and play games. It’s the simplest way to access data on the go!

You will still enjoy all of the OnStar features with more services, enhanced by a 4G LTE connection with available built in Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi is password protected so only passengers in your vehicle can access it. This is great for families who will be traveling with kids. They can relax and utilize their tablets to watch media and play games, making long trips more enjoyable.

2015 OnStar and 4G LTE

For those who use their vehicles as a mobile office, the 4G LTE allows you to work from anywhere. Check your emails, stay in touch and remain productive on a connection that is faster and more reliable than your smartphone’s. You can also use the 4G LTE to find restaurants, hotels, directions, read business reviews, utilize your on board apps, stay in touch with your social media and more!

Another exciting feature is the fact that there are no US roaming charges, which is great for BC residents who frequently zip across the border for work or vacations. All eligible vehicles will come with a 3 month/3GB trial period where you can test out the technology to see how it works. (Be sure to check with the dealer to make sure the vehicle you are purchasing is compatible with 4G LTE).

With this latest generation of OnStar and the availability of 4G LTE, GM is taking the relationship between your car and technology to new heights. Not only does OnStar keep you and your family safe, it is also the best way to remain connected no matter where you go and what you do!

OnStar with 4G

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