New Chevrolet & GMC Vehicles Now Feature Android Automotive Infotainment

Infotainment systems have become vital components of modern day vehicles whether you like them or not. They usually change with the introduction of new models across the entire lineup of a vehicle brand. 2022 marks a changeover year as it introduces new Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, and GMC Hummer EV pickup trucks. With these new vehicles come not only new features but also a brand new infotainment system for GM.

The new infotainment system that will be featured in these new trucks - along with 2022 GMC Yukon models - is an Android Automotive based infotainment system. This is not the same as the Android Auto app but is a standalone infotainment system that is much more customizable than the previous Chevrolet & GMC Infotainment 3 system. In addition, the new infotainment system features built-in Google voice assistant, Google apps, and Google navigation.

Google Built-in android automotive infotainment

With the built-in Google features, the new infotainment system can be paired with your smartphone or home devices through your Google account. Simply sign-in with your Google account credentials and you will have access to downloadable Google apps, personalized navigation destinations, and personal Google settings. 

The built-in Google Assistant can help you navigate to different locations, play your music, add reminders, make phone calls, and control certain functions of your vehicle such as climate temperature. Simply say “Hey Google…” and the system will automatically listen to your voice and respond to your commands. Or you can press the push to talk button on the steering wheel of your vehicle to activate the Google Assistant.

This new Android Automotive infotainment system is capable of over-the-air updates so General Motors can quickly and easily update any bug fixes or new updates without needing to bring your vehicle into a service center such as Eagle Ridge GM in Coquitlam.

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Google Built-in android automotive infotainment

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