Must Have Technology When Purchasing a New Vehicle

In the past, vehicles only came with a few options to choose from. However with the changing times and demands from consumers, auto manufacturers are giving more and more options to choose from. So here are the top 5 features we think you should check off on the options list when purchasing a new vehicle.


5. Panoramic Sunroof

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While a panoramic sunroof may not be a very advanced piece of technology, it can be of great benefit to your vehicle. A panoramic sunroof is just like a normal electronic sunroof but it extends, usually, from the front of the roof all the way to the back. It allows for a lot more light to enter the cabin. This extra light can make your vehicle feel more spacious than it actually is.


4. Climate control

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Automatic climate control is another one of those car technologies that may seem simple but it’s much more advanced than you think. It is a very convenient feature to have in your vehicle. You just set the temperature you want and the vehicle does what it can to achieve the desired temperature. If it gets hotter outside, the climate control will compensate to keep the cabin cool and vice versa so that you never have to continuously fumble with the controls. Also some systems have become so advanced, that they can detect heavily polluted air entering the cabin and will automatically set the system to recirculate. That way the occupants of the vehicle don’t breathe in potentially toxic air.


3. Heated seats

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It can get very cold here in Canada during the winter months. What’s worse is coming to your car and sitting down on a cold cloth or leather seat. It always sends that uncomfortable chill up your spine. That’s why heated seats should be on your vehicle to warm up the seating surface. Better yet, most heated seats warm up faster than the car can send warm air through the vents. What’s more, some vehicles come standard with heated front seats like the Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback or Chevrolet Equinox.


2. 360 Camera System

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For most, parking can be a stressful and un-enjoyable aspect of driving. Get too close to the curb and you could damage your wheels or bump into the car next to yours. That’s where the 360 degree camera system can be very useful. It’s not meant to replace the mirrors (you should still use your mirrors and be turning your head when parking) but the system allows you to get close to the curb or another vehicle without hitting it. It is still a relatively new feature but more and more manufacturers are making it an option on their vehicles.


Honorable Mention

Before getting to number 1, there are a few technology features worth mentioning. The reason why these are not on the list is because Government laws are forcing manufacturers to have these features as standard equipment on all vehicles. Other features are slowly becoming standard equipment because of trends that consumers consistently demand on having. Some of these features are backup cameras, automatic emergency braking, and bluetooth to name a few.


1. Apple CarPlay or Android Auto

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Arguably the best bang for your buck is Apple CarPlay or Android Auto compatibility. This feature allows you to use your cell phone while driving but without actually touching it. Everything can be done through voice commands. Being able to use your smartphone’s apps through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto can also save you money. Factory navigation systems can range in price from $800 to $1,500. But you can save that money by using Google Maps through your phone and have it display on the vehicle’s infotainment screen. Not all manufacturers and vehicles support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto but Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac vehicles do support them via MyLink and Intellilink which are standard features on most vehicles.

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