How to Increase Your Truck’s Fuel Mileage

Truck owners can quickly and easily increase the fuel mileage of their pickups my installing one simple item: a bed cover! By installing a tonneau cover or canopy, you are smoothing the airflow over the back of the truck and preventing air from getting stuck inside the bed and increasing the drag on your truck. Motortrend recently did a year long test of a 2014 GMC Sierra and found that after installing a tri-fold tonneau cover, fuel mileage improved by 6%! This is significant enough to warrant the investment, which will save you money over the life of the truck.

GMC Sierra bed cover

With many options, it is easy to find a bed cover that works for you. You can install a soft tonneau, which rolls up to reveal the bed of your truck. Some tonneau covers fold in one or two sections. You can also get hard shelled covers which pivot open and lift up revealing the contents of your bed. For more cargo space, you can opt for a canopy, which come in varying heights and can be painted to perfectly match your truck.

Chevrolet Silverado bed cover

In addition to the fuel savings, you will love the security of a bed cover. In any type of weather, your items will stay dry and you will never have to worry about losing your cargo while travelling down the highway. You can also lock the covers to keep all of your belongings secure and hidden. Some bed covers can even be linked to your remote keyless entry system, so that the cover locks when your vehicle locks! It’s a handy and secure way to protect your truck and belongings.

Silverado with canopy

Outfitting your truck with a tonneau cover or canopy is super quick and easy. Don’t hesitate to contact the Eagle Ridge Parts department, or contact our sales team for more information and to schedule your fitting today!

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