How GM Vehicles Keep You Safe

General Motors is working extremely hard to make sure that their vehicles are the safest on the road to keep you and your passengers protected. Throughout a range of vehicles you will find innovative and class leading safety features that make Chevrolet, Buick and GMC vehicles the best on the road at getting you to your destination comfortably and safely. Here are just a few of the dozens of features keeping you safe

Forward Collision Alert & Lane Departure Warning

Available on models such as the Sierra, Silverado, Equinox, Terrain, Yukon, Tahoe and many others, Forward Collision Alert & Lane Departure Warning are designed to keep you on the right track. Sensors on the vehicle will alert you through seat vibrations and audible noises if you are approaching a vehicle too quickly or if you drift from your lane. This allows you to have a shorter reaction time and works to prevent a collision.

OnStar Crash Reponse

The last thing any driver wants to experience is a collision and it is even worse if injuries are involved. That is why GM and OnStar work together to help you out in the unfortunate event of a collision. Within seconds of the impact, an OnStar representative is notified of the collision, the severity of the impact, your location and is ready to help dispatch medical help and a tow truck. That kind of peace of mind only comes from driving a Chevrolet, Buick or GMC and could be very helpful in the event of a collision.

Class Leading Airbags

Inside vehicles such as the Cruze, Trax, Malibu, Traverse, Tahoe and others you will find a comfortable interior jam packed with airbags. When it was introduced, the Chevrolet Cruze was the first car in its class to offer 10 standard airbags and no competitor bests that. Today, GM has vehicles offering more than just the usual airbags, but vehicles offering knee airbags, side torso airbags and more. When your vehicle is involved in a collision, you want to know that every passenger will be protected, no matter where they sit.

Rearview Camera & Parking Sensors

Sometimes the greatest danger comes at the slowest of speeds. Reversing can be a dangerous thing, especially if you can’t fully see what is behind you. But thanks to rear vision cameras and parking sensors, you can get an clear view of what is in front of and behind you. The rear vision camera shows you with guidance lines where your vehicle is going and helps in tight parking spots of when hooking up to a trailer. The front and rear parking sensors (when equipped) are active at slow speeds to alert you of objects in your path.

Jump Seat Safety

A properly installed car seat is the best way to keep your little ones safe while on the road. To make sure that you can safely install a car seat in the back of a GMC Canyon, engineers came up with a simple solution using only the headrest which will quickly and easily convert the rear seat into an appropriate and safe spot to accommodate a child seat.

Towing Safety

Those who tow trailers for work or pleasure know that it can be a difficult and stressful experience. With all that weight behind you, a driver must be confident that their truck has the capabilities to safely handle the load. This includes the power to get the truck and trailer going, keep it heading in a straight line, and get it stopped. The Silverado and Sierra HD come with many features designed to make them the best choice for towing, no matter how big or small your trailer.

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