What is the GMC ProGrade Trailering System?

This system is designed to give you the information you need to trailer with more confidence,  hitch your trailer more easily and keep an eye on things as you tow.

How It Works

This system uses a new in-vehicle Trailering App which helps with the process of trailering at all stages — while you’re hitching and during setup, on the road and when you’re responding to potential hazards. Some features are available through the myGMC Mobile App.

ProGrade Trailering App

What It Features

The content of the app varies with your vehicle’s equipment and trim level.

It may include:

  • Trailer Detection and Custom Profiles — When you hitch a trailer, the  “Trailer Detected” message is displayed.
    • You then have the option to:
      • Create custom profiles that include maintenance reminders, Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring System (if equipped) and Tow/Haul reminder, plus you can choose to provide information in Basic settings: profile name, hitch type and trailer type.
      • Bypass a custom profile and select a guest profile, which will track mileage and fuel economy if the guest profile is active. The guest profile provides limited functions compared with the custom profile.
      • You can store profiles for up to five trailers.
    • A status screen displays information specific to your truck when connected to a trailer, (including fuel economy, tire pressure  [if equipped], mileage, transmission temperature, etc.).
    • You can choose to receive maintenance reminders for items such as brakes, tires and wheel bearings (based on time or mileage criteria).
    • The system also monitors the trailer connections and alerts  you to problems.
ProGrade Trailering App
  • Pre-Departure Checklist: Detailed instructions and pictures for each step of the process help teach you safe trailering procedures.
  • Trailer Lighting Sequence:
    • Use your in-vehicle app to start the sequence.
    • Once it’s started, get out of your vehicle and walk around your truck and trailer to inspect the lights as they turn on and off in sequence.
    • This helps you perform an exterior light check on your trailer without having someone activate the lights manually from the driver’s seat.
  • Trailer Theft Detection extends your truck’s theft alert capabilities to the trailer (if equipped). This is enabled through the settings in the in-vehicle trailering app.
    • When enabled, parked and the trailer electrical connector is disconnected, your truck’s lights flash and its horn will sound  (if your truck is turned off).
ProGrade Trailering App

Also referred to as Chevrolet Advanced Trailering if equipped on a Chevrolet truck, this app was designed to help you whether you’re always hauling a trailer or if you’re completely new to trailering.

ProGrade Trailering App ProGrade Trailering App ProGrade Trailering App