GM Driver Alert Package

We all know the hazards that are present on the road. Weather conditions, other motorists and sometimes our own mistakes can put you and your passengers in a dangerous situation. GM is helping to keep you safe by offering a Driver Alert Package on select 2014 and 2015 models. The Driver Alert Package includes Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning, Front and Rear Park Assist and Safety Alert Driver seat. Here is how they keep you safe.

Forward Collision Alert: 
This works to provide you with more time to avoid a potential collision. A windshield mounted camera monitors your distance to vehicles in front of you. Three settings (far, medium or near) allow you to customize how soon the system will alert you to another vehicle’s presence. The alert will also let you know if you are tailgating a vehicle too closely. When a collision is possible or you are too close, the alert will provide warning sounds or vibrations to your seat to help you react much quicker. It will also help charge the brakes in anticipation of an upcoming emergency stop.

GM Forward Collision Alert

Lane Departure Warning:
Lane departure warning is a feature that (like its name suggests) keeps you safely within your own lane when travelling down the road. When the system determines that the vehicle is leaving its lane without using the turn signal, the indicator on the dash will change from green to red and you will hear beeps to help you correct the vehicle back into your lane. If equipped, your safety alert seat will also vibrate to let you know you have drifted. The beeps or seat pulses will emanate from the side of the vehicle that you are drifting from your lane on. 

GM Lane Departure warning

Front & Rear Park Assist: 
Utilizing sensors on the front and rear bumpers, the vehicle will alert you when you are nearing an object or vehicle when parking. The sensors will tell you of objects 4 feet in front and 8 feet behind you that are in your path. Active at low speeds, a graphic in the driver information center displays the relative distance to a detected object allowing you to determine when to stop. Additionally, you can use the rear vision camera in conjunction to the rear parking sensors. The interval between the beeps becomes shorter as you near an object. When the tone is continuous, that is your indication that you should stop. The front and rear park assist is most beneficial for objects that are lower to the ground and may not be visible from the front or rear of the vehicle.

front park assist

Safety Alert Driver Seat:
A really cool feature with the three above mentioned technologies is the driver Safety Alert Driver Seat. This provides vibrations to the driver’s seat to let you know of any impending issues (such as a forward collision, departure from your lane or object in your vehicle’s path while parking). The vibrations are easily detected by the driver and also allow you to determine where the issue is. For example, if you depart your lane from the right, the right side of the seat will vibrate. If you are backing up to an object too close on the left, the left side of the seat will vibrate. It’s another way that you can stay alert and prevent a collision while driving your new GM vehicle.

Driver Alert package

For more information on these technologies or to find out what vehicles they are available on, please give us a call at (604) 464-3941 or come down to 2595 Barnet Highway for a test drive!

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