General Motors Super Bowl Ads

The Super Bowl is not only the one of the most popular sporting events in the world for football fans, but it is also very popular with companies wanting to advertise their latest products or services. A 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl can cost a company up to $4.5 million or more which is why they spend a lot of money to make sure that their ad is memorable. Hiring famous celebrities and movie directors is not uncommon for a Super Bowl ad which is why there are now shows based entirely around Super Bowl commercials of the present and the past.

Over the years, General Motors has not only been a sponsor of the Super Bowl, but has also debut new and memorable commercials like other companies. Here are some Super Bowl ads from this year’s game as well as years past.

2017 – Buick featuring NFL MVP Cam Newton and supermodel Miranda Kerr.


2016 – Buick featuring NFL wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and supermodel Emily Ratajkowski


2014 – Chevrolet Silverado “Romance”


2013 – Chevrolet Silverado “End of the World”


2012 – Chevrolet Camaro “Chevy Happy Grad”