The world of octane-fuelled film and television just wouldn’t be the same without contributions from GM and its affiliates. For the last 50 years, the GM badge has seen its fair share of the spotlight, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the best and highest-priced GM celebrity vehicles sold in recent years.



What it sold for: $200,000 – $300,000 via Julien’s Auctions

What similar sells for: A stock ‘82 Trans AM can fetch anywhere from $6,000 – $22,000 depending on the level of restoration involved.

Why it’s famous: The 1982 T-top Pontiac Trans AM known as K.I.T.T (Knight Industries Two Thousand) appeared in the 1980’s TV smash hit, Knight Rider, featuring David Hasselhoff. The vehicle features a talking system with clips of the car’s voice taken from the original program. In 1982, two Trans Am’s were sold to the producers by GM for $1 each, and were modified for stunt work.



What it sold for: World Record $550,000 at Barrett-Jackson

What similar sells for: NADA Guides cites that depending on condition, a ‘77 Firebird should fetch an average of about $27,900

Why it’s famous: The 1977 Pontiac Firebird featured as Burt Reynolds Smokey in the 1977 film wherein the Bandit is hired to escort a tractor trailer full of beer across southern US county lines while being chased by a nuisance Sheriff, Buford T. Justice. Reynold’s car was used as a promotional vehicle for the film, and was the recipient of a custom leather interior, and an 8.2L V8 delivering upwards of 600 horsepower.



What it sold for: $167,200 at Barrett-Jackson

What similar sells for: Less than 20,000 of the ‘67 SS model were ever built, so the average retail price for a well-kept Camaro can fetch an average of $27,600 and a high retail price of approximately $50,000.

Why it’s famous: The heavily modified 1967 Camaro SS that was featured in 2014’s Transformers: Age of Extinction as Bumblebee was owned by the films’ director, Michael Bay, and went to auction in 2016. The satin black, fuel-injected beast featured a 6.2L Corvette LS3 engine and a 6-speed manual gearbox, as well as touch-screen navigation and custom three-piece racing wheels. The vehicle was the drool-worthy focus of a scene at the end of the film.



What it sold for: $28,600 at Barrett-Jackson

What similar sells for: The buyer of the XXX movie car got one heck of a deal, considering that the average value of a 1967 GTO is about $50,600 – with a high retail value fetching upwards of $75,000.

Why it’s famous: The Hardtop GTO in the 2002 film xXx starring Vin Diesel as Xander Cage, featured a 400 cubic inch V8 engine and a 3-speed automatic transmission. In the film, Cage gets to drive a slew of fantastic vehicles, including a slippery red Corvette, but opts for a GTO as his car of choice. The car didn’t feature the signature rocket-launcher or other weapons when it was sold.



What it sold for: $1.1 Million on

What similar sells for: It’s the Batmobile; no stock vehicle compares – however – Top Gear’s website says that the Tumbler Batmobile from the Dark Knight is also for sale for about $1 million, and features a Chevy LS1 V8.

Why it’s famous: The Batmobile featured in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman was the posterized motorized superhero of many a childhood bedroom wall, thanks in part to its rocket propulsion drive, and huge presence. The car was built with two Chevrolet Impala chassis, and featured a classic 350 cubic inch Chevrolet V8. The website notes that the vehicle tops out at 155 mph and only has 14,000 km on the odometer.