Fall Driving Tips

The start of a new school year brings with it a new season and new driving hazards to be mindful of. As you switch from the summer routine back into the fall routine, here are some important driving tips to keep in mind:

Slow down in school zones

School zones are back in effect and motorists need to be extra mindful of students. You must slow to 30km/h in school zones and need to remain vigilant. Parents also need to be cautious when dropping children off at school to make sure they are being unloaded in a safe spot.

Watch for changing road conditions

Fall brings new weather conditions to contend with. Make sure to slow down and leave more distance when driving in wet weather. Your vehicle requires more distance to stop when the roads are wet and your reaction time can also be hampered by decreased visibility. Wet conditions also increase the chance of hydroplaning, and it is important to be extra careful when cornering or changing lanes at high speeds. Morning roads may also be extra slick thanks to dew or frost that has accumulated on the road over night.

Check your headlights and taillights 

The longer summer days are coming to an end and you will be relying on your headlights more frequently as the days get shorter. It is good practice to check your headlights and taillights at the change of each season. Make sure your daytime running lights, headlights and high beams are all working and free or cracks or hazy lenses. You also want to make sure all of your taillights and signal lights are also working and in great shape. If you vehicle is equipped with automatic headlights, make sure they are switched on so you never have to worry about it.

Pack some sunglasses

Your morning and afternoon commutes will soon be happening right around sunrise and sunset. It is important to pack some sunglasses so that you can deal with the glare from the sun, without compromising your vision. It is also great practice to make sure that your windows are clean, as sunrises and sunsets can be tricky to navigate through dirty windows.

Watch for wildlife on the road

If you will be heading out on the highway (or even in some urban areas) make sure to keep an eye out for wildlife. Deer and other animals are especially prevalent in fall and it’s important to pay extra attention. This is compounded by less daylight, which can make spotting the furry creatures slightly more difficult.

Check your tire pressure

Tires that are not properly inflated pose extra risks in fall. You may not have the best contact and traction when the weather begins to change. This is especially true with lower temperatures or wet road surfaces, both of which are more likely in fall.

It is good practice to book a service appointment for your vehicle at each of the changing seasons. The Certified Service team at Eagle Ridge GM is ready to get your vehicle in great shape for all of your fall driving trips! Click here to book a service appointment.

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