Eagle Ridge GM Certified Service

Eagle Ridge GM is proud to provide Certified Service to keep your Chevrolet, Buick or GMC running its best. Certified Service is a name you can trust with knowledgeable staff that know your GM vehicle better than anybody else.

Service is an unavoidable reality of owning a vehicle. The best way to protect one of your biggest investments is to make sure you have your vehicle regularly serviced. A vehicle that does not receive regular maintenance is more likely to require significant repairs down the road, the cost of which will be difficult to absorb. It will also prevent the value of your vehicle from dropping unnecessarily.

Certified Service is about more than fixing your vehicle when there is an issue. It is also about preventative maintenance and helping you to avoid costly repairs down the road. Vehicle inspections, maintenance schedules and diagnostic tools are just a few of the ways that Certified Service works with you and your vehicle.

Certified Service replaces GM Goodwrench as the brand you can trust for your Chevrolet, Buick or GMC. Booking an appointment is quick and easy, with the availability of online booking. Simply click here to visit the Eagle Ridge GM website to book a service appointment or call (604) 461-4949 to speak with one of our qualified representatives.  Also check out the Certified Service website for special offers!

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