How to Disable GMC Sierra MultiPro & Chevrolet Silverado MultiFlex Inner Tailgates

The GMC MultiPro and Chevrolet Multiflex tailgates are a clever innovation. They allow for easier access into the Silverado and Sierra pickup truck beds. As well they can be used as workbenches and multi-level load stops. 

However, if you tow often and leave the ball hitch on the tow bar, chances are that you could damage the inner tailgate if you open it when the full tailgate is open. Replacing the MultiPro or MultiFlex tailgate parts can be an expensive process. Thankfully there is a way around this issue.

It should be noted that disabling the inner portion of the MultiPro or MultiFlex tailgate can only be done on 2022 and newer model year trucks. Here at Eagle Ridge GM in Coquitlam, we tried to disable the inner gate on a 2021 truck, and it didn’t work.

GMC Sierra 1500

To disable the inner gate, press and hold the upper tailgate button for 3 seconds with the key fob near the tailgate. The turn signals will flash at which point it will indicate that the inert tailgate button is diabled. The full tailgate will still open but now there will be no accidental opening of the inner gate and risk hitting a ball hitch.

To re-enable the inner gate, simply repeat the process. With the tailgate closed, press and hold the upper tailgate button for 3 seconds with the key fob near it. The turn signals will flash and the inner tailgate button will be re-enabled to allow the opening of the inner gate.

Perhaps in the future GM will provide an over-the-air update that will enable 2019-2021 GMC & Chevrolet truck owners to do the same thing with their MultiPro or MultiFlex tailgates. But for now, as stated before, this only works on 2022 and newer trucks.

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