Road conditions in Canada, and the west coast in particular, are as varied as they come. We’re privy to any number of different weather and road scenarios, sometimes in the very same day. Depend...Read More


For most people – especially growing families – the go-to segment for a new vehicle is often an SUV. They’re practical, safe, have loads of space to store your stuff, and place fuel ...Read More

How to Connect Your Car Bluetooth

One of the biggest advantages of owning, leasing, or financing a new vehicle is the seamless connectivity offered by new technologies. The Chevrolet MyLink Bluetooth integrates your mobile device ...Read More

holden ute 01

Every country is different and for that reason, manufacturers have to tweak their car models to fit the laws and culture of each country they want to sell their products in. However in some circum...Read More

chevrolet mylink

In theory, technology is supposed to make our lives easier and less stressful. However some car technology isn’t quite as developed as it should be and it just ends up annoying us more often tha...Read More

Eagle Ridge GM

    Summer is a prime time of the year, rejoiced for its sunshine, its liberating energy, and its heat. Canada occupies a special place on the planet – internationally renowned for...Read More

gmc sierra 3500

3500 pickup trucks are the workhorse of small business owners and hard working blue collar men & women. They can carry and tow tens of thousands of pounds of weight without feeling overwhelmed...Read More

2017 chevrolet volt

The Chevrolet Volt is unlike any other hybrid vehicle, that is if you consider it a hybrid vehicle. Some would consider the Volt as an electric vehicle because most of the time it doesn’t use it...Read More


At this year’s Shanghai auto show, Chevrolet has unveiled the FNR-X Concept that showcases the design talents of their Asia-based design team. The FNR acronym is actually Chevrolet’s slogan ...Read More

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