5 Tips for Preventing Windows from Fogging Up

Windows that fog up aren’t only annoying, they can be downright dangerous too. Climate and weather are the reason behind it, but when you can’t see where you’re going, knowing what causes the problem doesn’t help to solve it. Which is why we’ve collected some great tips for you to prevent window fog altogether.

  1. Install a Remote Starter

One of the best ways to clear windows of fog (and frost for that matter) is to run your car for a few minutes with the heater and the air conditioner on, and focused on the windows. Accessorizing your car with a remote starter and pre starting your car before you leave home can help to prevent windows from fogging up, and clear away thin layers of frost before you need to drive. Just make sure that you set the heater and AC correctly before getting out of the car! If you forget, you’ll be burning gas without getting the result you want.

  1. Make Sure Windows Are Clean

It’s a little known fact that dirty windows fog up faster than clean ones. That’s because the dirt and grime on the window gives condensation something to stick to. It also makes it harder for windscreen wipers to remove condensation outside of the car.  

If you are a smoker, you should definitely also stop smoking inside your car, because aside from all the other drawbacks, condensation loves sticking to the film of nicotine and tar that will coat the inside of your windows!

  1. Get Rid of Moisture

Seems obvious, right? The reason the inside of your windows fog up is because there is moisture in your car that heats up slightly and creates airborne vapor. That vapor is trying to escape, and hits your windows, resulting in fog. Make sure you clean up snow, ice or water in your car regularly, and if you have any leaks, get them fixed.

If you have left water in your car and you do get misted up windows, opening a window to allow some of the vapor to escape while using the other tips in this article can help to dissipate moisture faster.

  1. Apply Baby Shampoo

This may sound strange, but baby shampoo, applied to the inside of your windows will help to prevent windows fogging up by making it harder for condensation to stick to the glass. Use a little tearless baby shampoo on a cloth or Kleenex, apply a thin layer to the glass, and wipe off. Reapply every couple of weeks, to ensure that your windows stay clear.

  1. Try the Windscreen Wipers

In most cases, windows fog up on the inside, however, if the inside of your car is warmer than outside, condensation can form on the outside of the glass. In that case, your windscreen wipers can help to clear the glass. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to run the heater and AC as well as the windscreen wipers and the demister on the rear window, if you have one, at the same time. With all of those working together, you should find that you have clear glass in minutes.

All of these tips are proven to help clear up condensation on glass, but even with everything in your defogging arsenal, it will still take a few minutes after starting up for your windows to be completely clear. Make sure that when the weather is wet and cold, you leave a few minutes early for any destination, and allow plenty of time for windows to clear completely. Not only is driving with obstructed vision dangerous, it’s also illegal in Canada, and you could find yourself in trouble if you are rushing to reach a destination with foggy windows!