If you’re in the need for the ultimate in truck luxury, then the only word you have to remember is Denali. The name is synonymous with GMC vehicles and this trim is available on the mid-size GMC Canyon Denali.

The 2019 GMC Canyon Denali receives a mild refresh that includes automatic software updates and the infotainment system. The cloud-connected navigation feature makes it a suitable pickup for adventure. Other incredible features of the Canyon Denali are the 6-way power-adjustable driver seat, parking sensors, and 20-inch Ultra Bright machined aluminum wheels. The truck is also available in four new colors which include Smokey Quartz Metallic, Dark Sky Metallic, and Red Quartz Tinitcoat.

The 2019 GMC Canyon is also available in different sizes which include the crew-cab with a long 6-foot bed or short 5-foot bed. A couple of engine options are available which include a Duramax turbo diesel 2.8-liter inline-4 and a 3.6-liter V6. A 6-speed automatic transmission is available for the diesel 4-cylinder engine, but the V6 gets an 8-speed automatic. The Denali Canyon as well comes in 4wd like most pickups.

gmc canyon denali

Although the 2019 GMC Canyon is no athlete, it is silent and agreeable on the road. The diesel engine is one of its strengths as it can deliver up to 8.4 L/100km on a highway. This diesel as well tows up to 7,600 pounds. All these features meet the common need for most pickup buyers looking for high performance vehicles.

Even though the Colorado and the Canyon share most features such as platforms and engines, they still differ in intended buyers and their trim levels. GMC Canyon Denali is designed to give it luxury features and chrome trim for individuals looking for posher experience but with a pickup. Colorado ZR2 is one of the best off-road vehicles pickups on the market, but its appearance does not give much posher experience as compared to the GMC Canyon.


If the full-size Sierra impresses you, there is no doubt that you will fall in love with the amazing 2019 GMC Canyon. The combination of the car-like interior and its squared-off exterior gives it a bold and luxurious appearance. The boxy shape of the Canyon is emphasized by wheel arches, rectangular headlights, and its tall grille. If you are looking business-like look, this is a better option when compared to the curvier Colorado. However, it is quite difficult to distinguish between the two from the side. The Canyon has a high rising belt line that gives it a sporty look, unlike most other trucks.

The other exceptional feature of the 2019 Canyon is the curvy dashboard. It gives the driver a good reach making it comfortable for driving. The bottom of its range is not all about impressing the driver. The higher-brow Denali looks awesome as it adds leather upholstery and wood trim.

gmc canyon denali


Colorado has a hardcore model that has incredible off-road hardware for great off-road performance. The 2019 GMC Canyon is similar in off-road prowess but with that comfortable style. The Canyon has a 2.5-liter inline-4 cylinder entry-level engine that makes 191 pound-feet of torque and 200 horsepower. The Canyon combines rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive and a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The 2019 GMC Canyon Denali has an upgraded engine that is 275 pound-feet, has 308 horsepower, and displaces 3.6 liters. This is one of the most popular engine choices for decent fuel economy and superior off-road performance. The V-6 is as well upgraded to an 8-speed automatic transmission.

If you have an eye for trucks with high efficiency and torque, Canyon is a great option because it comes with a whopping 369 pound-feet torque, 186 horsepower, and 2.8-liter turbocharged diesel inline-4. The diesel has an impressive capability and refined performance. The Duramax diesel is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission and an Autotrac 2-speed transfer case and an automatic locking rear differential. This automatic mode feature is not available on most trucks.

2019 GMC Canyon Denali

Quality and Comfort

There is ample space in the cabin of the Canyon as well. The SLE trim and base Canyon have cloth seats. The Denali and SLT have standard leather upholstery. The Denali has a swanky look and all Canyons have a solid built interior quality. Those front seats however are more than just soft leather, they’re also designed to provide the utmost comfort in any weather conditions. They have 3 stage bottom and back heating as well as 3 stage ventilation to keep you cool during the hot summer months.

gmc canyon denali


The 2019 Canyon Denali is a modern truck and as such comes with modern safety equipment. The Denali is equipped with a rearview camera, six airbags, StabiliTrak stability control, and anti-lock brakes as standard. The Denali Driver Alert Package adds Lane departure warning and Forward collision alert for the times that you may not be completely attentive to the road ahead.

These are some of the more important features that pickup drivers consider when buying a new vehicle. The Canyon Denali has a good balance of both external and internal features. This truck is not only suitable off-road but can as well be used for business purposes.

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