new car

In a recent US survey, the average age of a car on the road is 11 years old. 11 years ago, the Apple iPhone didn’t exist, Google was just starting to become the powerhouse that it is today, and ...Read More


What’s usually the first thing we tend to do once we take home our new car? No, besides an Instagram post; that’s right – we clean the thing inside and out to maximize its vibrant allure...Read More

pro cons electric

Let’s face it, electric vehicles are the future. Fossil fuels will not last forever and electricity can be produced with renewable resources. But is the world ready for fully electric vehicles? ...Read More

Selecting the Right Speakers for your Car

Driving and music are inherently linked together. Music is synonymous with the zest we feel cruising down the highway – so much so, that driving without music often feels as though there’s...Read More

lacrosse vs tlx header

Despite the popularity of crossover vehicles, luxury sedans still hold a big enough share in the market that manufacturers update them every few years with the latest gadgets and toys. The latest ...Read More

3 Common Vehicle Problems Solved With Regular Maintenance

“Machines are only machines, and machines will fail you.” That’s some of the soundest advice old Dad could ever give a new, young driver. While it may sound harsh, the gist of this dry, and ...Read More

What Happened to the GM Hy-Wire

Back in January of 2002, General Motors introduced a vehicle that was powered by hydrogen fuel cells and used a drive-by-wire system, controlling the vehicle entirely via computer. Affectionately ...Read More

Top 10 Best Back To School Cars

It’s almost the most dreaded – or beloved – time of year for students and their parents; back to school time. That means legions of young drivers will soon be hitting the road in the...Read More

Top GM Models Under 25000

For most of us, buying a new vehicle is all about deciding what your choice can bring to your lifestyle. Maybe you’re the outdoorsy type, and need a rugged pickup, SUV, or utilitarian hatchback....Read More

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