When a vehicle receives a big update, it usually gets bigger and gets stuffed with more features. The new 2018 Chevrolet Equinox follows only half of that trend. It is available with more features...Read More

Why We’re Excited About the New 2018 Camaro

Few things in life can get your blood pumping like the thrill of piloting a premiere sports car. The exhilaration, speed, sounds, rumble and the sheer power we control under our right foot is an i...Read More

2018 regal

If you’re looking for a bit of sportiness from your Buick, General Motors has you covered. Back in April, Buick unveiled the new 2018 Buick Regal Sportback and TourX models and now the sporty GS...Read More


It seems like hybrids have been causing a stir for a relatively short amount of time. They came onto the scene dismissed as a green fad, poised to be brushed aside by the muscle of the gasoline st...Read More

The Evolution of Car Security

For as long as vehicles have been available to the masses, people have sought to protect them, and it’s no wonder; they’re beautiful, expensive, and people are almost always proud of their veh...Read More

Top Summer Preparations for your Vehicle

  Summer is here! All of the sun, heat and blue skies that we’ve been waiting for since last November have finally arrived in full force – but some of us aren’t headed for the beach...Read More


DOHC, SOHC, OHV, VVT and so on. We see them being advertised all the time when a new vehicles come out but what do these acronyms mean? Here’s a brief explanation for the most common ones. OHV &...Read More

what you need to know about owning a convertible

Buying a convertible is a dream for many people. Convertible cars are almost always sporty and fast, meaning that purchasing a convertible is all about purchasing a vehicle for fun – not car...Read More

how to jumpstart a car properly

Learning how to jumpstart a car is one of the most basic – and important – skills you can possess as driver. Just like managing your tire pressure, learning this skill is something y...Read More

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